Our Photography Checklist

*Additional photos will be taken

Pre-wedding prep and detail shots

  • The wedding dress, hanging up by itself

  • The veil

  • The bride’s wedding shoes

  • The bride getting ready: getting her hair and makeup done, being helped into her dress.

  • The bridal party getting ready, including hair and makeup.

  • Other candid shots of the bride and bridal party

  • Close-up of the bride holding the bouquet

  • The groom’s wedding shoes +The groom getting ready: lacing up shoes, putting on cufflinks, adjusting tie, putting on the boutonniere

  • The groom’s entourage getting ready

  • Other candid shots of the groom and groomsmen hanging out

  • The rings

  • The vehicle the couple is taking to the venue/reception, especially if they’ve decorated it or or rented a special vehicle

  • Jewelry

  • Neckties and pocket squares

  • Any other special items or accessories the couple is wearing, especially if they have sentimental value

  • The bouquet (by itself)

  • Boutonnieres

  • Wedding invitations

  • Wedding programs

The wedding ceremony

  • Shots of the empty venue before the ceremony

  • The bride or groom exiting the car

  • The receiving line

  • Parents entering the venue

  • Grandparents entering the venue

  • Each member of the wedding party entering

  • The groom standing at the altar

  • The bride walking up the aisle

  • The groom as the bride enters (be ready!)

  • The bride being given away

  • A wide-angle shot of the crowd

  • Reaction shots of wedding guests

  • Speakers, readers, and musicians

  • The signing of the register

  • The lighting of the candles

  • The ring exchange

  • The kiss!

  • The wedding party exiting

  • The couple in the wedding vehicle leaving

​Couple and Friends Family Portraits

  • The couple together (inside the venue and at a second location, if applicable—be sure to leave more time for the second location). Be sure to incorporate both formal posed photos and candid moments, with a variety of full-length and close up shots.

  • Bride alone

  • Groom alone

  • Bride with each bridesmaid (particularly the maid of honor)

  • Bride with all bridesmaids

  • Groom with each groomsman (particularly the best man)

  • Groom with all groomsmen

  • Couple with all bridesmaids

  • Couple with all groomsmen

  • Couple with entire wedding party

  • Bride with bride’s parents (together)

  • Bride with bride’s mom

  • Bride with bride’s dad

  • Groom with groom’s parents (together)

  • Groom with groom’s mom

  • Groom with groom’s dad +Couple with bride’s parents

  • Couple with groom’s parents

  • Bride with each set of grandparents

  • Groom with each set of grandparents

  • Couple with each set of grandparents

  • Couple with both sets of parents

  • Couple with the officiant

  • Couple with the ring bearer/flower girl

  • Bride/groom/couple with any other requested relatives

  • Bride/groom/couple with any specific groups of friends: work/school friends, teammates, etc.

The wedding reception

  • The couple entering the venue

  • The couple’s first dance

  • Any parent-child dances (father-daughter, mother-son)

  • The centerpieces and/or floral arrangements

  • The table settings

  • The cake (pre- and post-cutting)

  • The couple cutting the cake

  • The bouquet toss and/or garter toss

  • Toasts and speeches (especially from parents and close relatives)

  • Candid shots of guests (including the couple making the rounds during dinner)

  • Everybody hitting the dance floor!

  • The bride and groom exiting, particularly if there’s some kind of splashy exit planned (confetti, etc.)

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